Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disney man says story no important

Today in the news
A Policeman has been told that he can do more than be a lollypop man. He can now handle all of the other candy as well.

Also in the news
A Disney executive has, in some sort of conference spoken out on his views on 'success'. He says that to make a popular film, story is not important.
His exact words:
"Alice in Wonderland, the story isn't very good, but visual spectacle brought people in droves,” he said, adding, “And Johnny Depp didn't hurt."

This was Disney’s chief technical officer, Andy Hendrickson.
"People say 'It's all about the story,'” Hendrickson said. “When you're making tentpole films, bulldroppings!"

His language got SO out of hand the rest of what he said can only be written as this
"%!!#$%# "**##!!33#4"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
We hear that he swore all night. He even sung it in the shower the morning after, four letter words dragging on in musical form.

So anyway. It's all true!
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My Opinion:
A lot of people on this earth will see a film because it looks pretty, or it has Johnny Depp in it. To some people, both of those mean the same thing.
But most of us go to see a film because of the story!

He is NOT saying, 'The Best films don't need good stories', he is just saying that 'More tickets get sold if the movie looks shiney.'
So in the end, the viewers go in, watch the movie they thought looked interesting, realise it is terrible, go home crying. Their money has still been spent and placed into Disney's magic bucket.

I disliked Alice in Wonderland, the CGI world was horrible, Johnny Depp was pointless, and the story was icky like vomit stuck to the side mirror of your car. And then some guy comes along, trys to peal off the vomit because it is 'supposably HIS, by rights.' I dunno. Anyway!

Story is important if you want to make a film that is memorable, one that will stick in your viewers heads. Also, too much blibber blabber and no story leave viewers feeling really weird. Like they saw all this stuff they feel like they should love it because it looks amazing, but at the same time they just want to go to sleep!!!SLEEEEEP

I can't talk, i can't tell stories very well. But i try anyway. I love story more than i love anything, so i'll keep working at it.
I know Disney don't all think the same way as this man...... although it is quite possible they do in the Alice in Wonderland case.

There are some films that are just made to sell tickets, and there are others that both look good and have real quality inside them.
Pixar always boast about their stories, they are allowed to. The idea and imagination behind Pixar's films is always a audience puller-inner.
I also love the Princess and the Frog, and Winnie the Pooh. I'm not sure how that is relevent, Winnie the Pooh DVD coming soon! Excited!

Anyway that is the end of the news today.

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And heres a small cartoon about two London Rioters (They are nice ones though)

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