Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Animations this Week and

THERE ARE VIDEOS IN THIS POST. So if you cannot see them but you realise i am talking about them. I have not got insane... or anything. Unless of course you have hurt my feelings in anyway. I'm looking at you!!! My tears are like rain buckets.. or rain. Buckets of rain i mean. No.. well they are not like huge buckets, they are not buckets, the tears are filling buckets, like rain does. You know? The videos are just invisible to you. Not deliberately. I'm not excluding you from anything. It just means you are reading this from an email address. For great animation vids head over to.. here...

Here are some brilliant animations we found online recently.

This is Out of Sight.
An amazing and very cute story about a little girl's adventure through the big world, with a twist.

I'm not exactly sure what this is. But i do know the animation is by Studio 4°C (The makers of Tekkonkinkreet).

If anyone can tell me where this stuff is from, or if it is just a music video let me know!

Adam Phillips

It has been a while since The Daily Crumb has talked about anything other than it's own production. But now production is ending Adam Phillips is back on the Daily list.

Here is working two projects now.
Most of you will know he is making the BITEY game, Dashkin. A running game. It is going to be an excellent experience.
I remember someone who had played it said it was like 'being inside the brackenwood movie'.

You can watch the gameplay preview video here. And head over to Facebook to check out the screenies

Also Adam is working on a music video for musician, Cilla Jane.
According to she came across his film. Little Foot, and wanted some very pretty grass in her next music video.
I did watch one of her videos, i believe she was trying to be a cat. Also there was an old man in a dress. Lets hope Adam's involves such great features.

Here are some screenshots from

Once again that is Adam Phillips at


-The Daily Crumb

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