Friday, December 09, 2011

Sandbox AlterEgos

hi everyone! this is a game idea I have. It wont ever be made or anything but I thought, as I've not said anything recently I'll tell you my perfect game.

its based in a city and you can make a character. (which can soon go on to meeting a girlfriend/boyfriend/having kids whatever (like sims) but you can choose whether at night, or sometimes at day, whenever you want you can go out and have an alterego, whether that is a criminal (thief murderer super villian), a mysterious painter (like banksy, make strange art and go around the city and people will gather) or a hero (catch or kill super villains and save people) You will choose your alterego costume, whether it is just a jacket, or a mask, or anything really to cover your identity (as a joke you'll probably be able to just choose glasses as well (superman) and you'll have a type of celebrity status. and if you tell people you risk getting yourself arrested or if you are a hero, you'll get all the fans after you! (If you tell your wife, be nice to her or she'll tell the world who you are), and if you are a criminal you have to avoid the lights, on lookers and police, keep your face hidden. Its like GTA mixed with Sims but with an Alterego edge.
Like Sims you'd be able to buy a house, but unlike Sims the gameplay would be more like a multiplayer game (not sure of the technical terms) where you press arrow up and your character will move forward. Like The Sims 3 all of the characters in the city will grow old and breed. Which also means you can make your son or daughter also have an Alterego, following in papas footsteps. You can switch character by the click of a button and the camera will swish over to your wife/husband/daughter/son/grandfather.
The different categories of alterego would go a lot more in depth. Like criminal you'd be able to break into people houses, steal all of their things, crash your car into a house perhaps? Yes people can die but that's the players choice. Create loads of stories with your character or growing family. You don't really choose a stuck category, you can turn from a superhero to a supervillain by simply pushing an old lady off of a cliff in broad daylight in front of people. OR you could have 2 alteregos, pretending you are a lovely nice superhero but then in the darkness pushing old ladies off of cliffs. You will be able to get jobs as well, you need your money after all, unless you rob people, then lifes easier for you, apart from the police part. All alterego choices will be able to gain superpowers at some point, working up to it with experience. Whether that is going invisible for a short time, speed, burning people with your eyes or being able to fly around the city.
What you do will dramatically effect the newspapers and conversations the city will have, as well as the media. On TV you may be in the news.
You'll be able to be a secret detective with whatever alterego you want, spying on bad guys, organising meetings and finding out what's going on.
Their will be suspicious people around the city, including yourself if you really want to, all having suspicious meetings in suspicious places. You can do whatever you want. You could be a bad guy that kills good guys, a good guy that kills bad guys, a good guy that kills bad guys and good guys in secret. OR
If you really want you can just be a guy with a job who works at a shop and goes fishing every day or collect hidden treasures underground as a explorer or collector.

You could buy a location as your Alterego hide away, whether that be another house, a skyscraper, a cave, or a building under the sea.

The cities and towns would be created randomly for each player placing designed buildings and locations in different places. As well as the city people, generated randomly.

or even better, its online. I think this would work online.
You could join online cities or towns like how Minecraft multiplayer operates. This way the owner can moderate the city, making sure one of their players does not go around killing other players families and only kills the NPC people.

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. I could see that... but this might work well as a skin to the Sims or GTA

    go on... make it! (=