Thursday, August 18, 2011

The King is Dead

Today in the news, bulldozers vs monster trucks!!!!!! Thats what Scotland Yard are suggesting if there is another riot in London.

Here are some inspiring words from a big man with a microphone.

Spare a tear for David John
Who once was here, but now hes gone
He lived a life with going-to-do

But sadly died with nothing done

At last he rests, beyond redemption

Neath' massive piles of good intention

Matt Smith in 3 years.


So my microphone is broken. I did want to do another Homelessman and Shambles short! But bye bye to that idea.

I'm also working on a brilliant short film! I am animating a green man over live action. Though this is on halt as well because of technical issues. :(

and I'm also trying to write an episode or 2 of my own possibly series, Stargazed. Based on an old webcomic of mine

Last thing on the list for 'before i die of starvation because I've got no money' is my short film idea, Icecream. Which would be about a young girl and lots of magical things in war time. Sounds like the synopsis for Peter Pan 2 but it is not! ... that film.
So anyway. I'm hoping to get Lana Cohen with me to write that one. Lana Cohen is a beautiful lady that i know who writes lovely scripts in her spare time but never shows them to anyone.

And my dog is on my pillow nice and asleep! Thanks for the flees! I don't have flees. But i'm sure it is a possibility now.


Doctor Who starts next Saturday. The only program that, even if you do not know ANYONE in the cast or crew, you still feel like it was made just for you.


Oh. I will say something in my own secret way now

nur nur

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