Friday, September 23, 2011

Cliff and the End (Reviews ~)

Short Film reviews:

"i loved it. that was soo sweet! I especially liked the cloud! it was adorable. "
- Kaja.tan

"XD lol~ A CHILDREN film? XD I freaked out when the witch was shot! XD This is awesome!"

"Suuuuper cute! I love the ending! "say something cliff!" "aaah~" *peck* ----Silence--- xD Super darling film with good characters and very good animation!"
- Ribb0ns

"That was a very cute production. I loved it."
- Limejuid

Topleka left us a rather brilliant review aimed mostly at the voice acting
"Nicely done. Lovely animation, interesting story, and a satisfying, if not slightly scary conclusion. This is possibly one of the spookier children's films I've seen, but I think it's still age-appropriate. Is this part of a bigger story? While the plot all came together well enough, I'm confused by the Warrior character. He doesn't seem to add much to the plot at all, but it seems like there's a bigger story behind him and Para Cat. Will that be explored later on?

Miss Locket - I really liked your voice, especially during the intro. Evil enough to be scary, but not over the top. If I'm not mistaken, you sounded older after the time jump which is great. I think she could have afforded to be more annoyed when everyone was trying to stop her, but that's a nitpick on my part.

Tam - You have a really sweet voice, and I love the kindness and warmth that you gave the character. I think some of the lines could have done with being called out more ("Cliff!", "Here I come!"), but she sounded really timid instead. The "I'm a friend...Tam! Tam! I mean...Tam..." was adorable, though. It made me smile.

Para Cat - The voice you used was fantastic, and it matched the character very well. I don't know if you were doing post-pro dubbing or not, but the lines felt like you were delivering them slower than everyone else. It made the pacing feel a little off, but I like your energy and warmth.

Cliff - Definitely younger sounding that I expected. Good delivery, though.

Captain Sinkshipndrown - Proper sea captain voice. bo_o

Warrior - Nicely done. The character itself is rather a stereotype, and you managed to solidify his character immediately.

Ghost Voice - Appropriately ethereal. Wish I could have heard more. D: "

"I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this animation of yours. Do you plan to do a "making of" for it? Those are always my favorite. I can tell you used some type of animation program (Adobe Flash?) but you obviously have some classical training or at least you went for a more traditional animation approach. Well done =) Really great. I'd love to see you expand this universe, it's really awesome."
- Goomba478

"That was freakin' adorable. It was just so, so well put together and the music and voice acting was rad."
- 007Meepit

"Extremely imaginative story! I feel that your characters had some unique personality to them and seeing a sort of cute could with the witch was very strange but also makes it not so clique! I really did enjoy this Munch your work is progressing so well. The animation style is becoming so fluent now and the art style looks brilliant and recognizable as your own style. Was great to see Para cat again oh how I missed him! planning on extending this?"
- Laura2Daisy

"I really liked it :)

Your zany humour wrapped around a cute story. Works perfectly.

Nice music, too."
- Brakkenimation

"Absolutely adorable. :D The animation is great, the story is so sweet and the voice actors are brilliant. I loved every second of it! ^^ And I spent today looking forward to seeing it. :D

Fantastic work!"
- Shadowdax

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