Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome! Old Stories

Hold on. Get out from under that rock. We're having a BBQ over here!
Welcome back to The Daily Crumb!
We've been a bit slack with getting you the news over the Christmas break. But paperwork, reading and most importantly, swinging our arms around the place have taken up all of our time.
No, we're not working on any animations at the moment due to the above. I may do another 'marshmallow' type animation soon or i may not. But Rainbow is still being made, almost as slowly as my coursework is being completed.

I'd like to tell you a story at this point in time. One that would thrill you. But someone is watching my type and bothering my ears.

So i thought i'd pointlessly link you back to some old stories i'd written.

Unsettled, the Story of Jonty Williams.
A very violent story about cannibals...

Wey Damage
The story of a man who hit his head on a bus

A Chefs way of Death
Confusing mind boggling murder

The Elephant and Theme Park
A writer with a haunted Goobusee past

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