Wednesday, December 09, 2009


So my friend came up to me today. He said he was allergic to short words. I said, Ay?

Also in the news a battery walks into a mote.

Written by Marshall Hens. See more of my work at the bottom of this article.


So the new animation from Adam Phillips 'The Last of the Dashkin' was released officially today.
You can watch the final film here

Lots of comments have been coming in since release on newgrounds and twitter.
"Best this week!" - Newgrounds Member Wam57
"I love the garlic influences!" - Newgrounds Member TearductChris
"Better than Charlie 'nd the Unicorn!" - Newgrounds Member Feafhalo

So it looks like the people are happy again. The world can dance until Feb next year (Too long man! :D ) when Adam will start work on the second short in the bigger story.

Just to slip the new Brackenwood film into the lime light again.
what about Lemonee Wee's new design ay??

to this

Well i think i know which one i prefer.
Bitey and Lemonee Wee are going to create a bigger and better Brackenwood Series together. (And feature film)


Lil' Daily Crumb Story to end the day:

Little boys not eating his food. Mum says, hey, eat ya food. He says he can't eat his food due to a prior engagement. Mum says carrots make you see in the dark. Like night vision? Yes like night vision. Lil boy eats his carrots. Peas, what do Peas do? Peas, peas make you run really fast.
After dinner the boy ran around the kitchen for hours. Soon it was bed time, and sure enough, he could see the fainted outline of a cupboard in the dark. It is working! Will eat more carrots tomorrow!
Eat your cabbage. No. Eat your cabbage. What does it do? It makes you fly.
That boy is now dead.
Curse words are not acceptable at the dinner table.

Written by Marshall Hens. I do hope you enjoyed it and take the messege seriously.


Nothing much else to say
VOTE CAKE and have a nice night or morning.
oh yeah and i just hired this guy Marshall Hens. I reckon he is pretty good.

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