Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RE: Mountaineering

Journal Entry: December 15, 2009.

Day 1.5. I'm at the bottom of the mountain. Not really started yet, well i did the whole of yesterday which was a bit of work. But after that i'm feeling pretty lazy. I can clearly see some easy bits to climb up ahead but maaaan, it is cold. I just finished all of the food. I think... hey! i'll climb up to that bit today, but nah, i'll eat my food first.. then have a little sleep.
So i've set up camp one and a half days into the climb.
I'm sure reaching the top will be worthit. My pal, August Terrance Dickinson Fellowsworth started today and he is already here, sat next to me. He is determined to continue to the climb, after a quick hot chocolate hes up again clambering away up the mountain.
I can see the blurred figure of a goat at the top. That goat is my goal, ooh the goat slipped, it has gotten back up. It is fine i am sure, though it seems to be slowly building itself a home with sticks and leaves.
As August Terrance continues upwards i stretch my arms and watch Eastenders on my laptop iplayer. Good reception up here.
Tomorrow i shall climb some more.

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