Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Exclusive Actress Interview and much much more

In todays article of The Daily Crumb we'll be looking at many different aspects of celebrity culture and will be giving a stunt man instructions in brail for some reason.
That and much much more. Including a fantastic interview with a world famous Actress, as well as a lot of Adam Phillips mumbo Jumbo.

So what type of soup was Adam Phillips buying you ask? That is not a very important question.
The fact is he did it, because he wanted to change the world. He did something to save the world as an individual so he would feel inner peace.
He mentioned on his twitter page

@Chluaid 'Since the soup incident my insides are green.'
He actually said that.

Yep that is right. Too many Crumbs in one day? Never too many! We're on the game as the countdown begins for Adam Phillips' next short film.

Day 4 in the countdown.

Just sitting around. Hair needs a cut. Slurp of warm mud.

Cut the hair, stabbed the razor into the back of my head several times for a laugh. A few cuts, no ones poked them yet. Though someone did start rubbing my shiney bald head.

We're actually still on Day 4. It has been a long few minutes since i began writing this journal entry.

A trailer for Day 3 will actually be posted soon enough. It shows the ups and downs of lonely office worker Brad Turnipson and his passion for a unique art. All his life he's made musical tunes with zips. Now his time has come to show off his talent to the world. From the stage to Hollywood and based on a true story John Edwards stars as Brad Turnipson in
Something to look forward to.

"It was fun to shoot." - John Edwards
"One of the zips sounded like Mickey Mouse." - John Edwards

Day 3: ZIP may be released in 2010 along with director Jerry Stevenburg's new title, BT, Brilliant Telephone.

Before i leave you with an up-beat tune from 'Down with the kids' i just want to give an important mention to the upcoming 'GIVE SPAM A CHANCE DAY.'

So every day of the year we say, NO to SPAM. But on this special day we open that email or letter and bother to read what is inside.

This years slogan, spoken by 'John Smith' himself (The creator of email spam).
"i am an unread email. I am spam. Give Spam a chance day is coming soon. Open one of your spammy emails and see whats on offer for once."

Acknowledge all the work those stupid people are doing.

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