Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marshall Hens Words of Wisdom

Marshall Hens takes over The Daily Crumb for todays article.
He talks about his upcoming books and gives some wisdom of his own.


"I'm spending a lot of my time working hard on Sokology book III. So being asked to write for The Dairy Farm is, not only an annoying interruption but a breath of fresh air.
Sokology is the japanese art of squeezing wet socks until they are pretty much dry. No troubles there.
We've gathered up quite a following based on the art of Sokology. I have been collaborating with a Japanese man i like to call Brad and together we've met many folks with wet socks. We released the english version over here and it is selling fast based on the amount of rain we have.
But enough about me, Marshall Hens.
Let us just dive into my imagination and find out what genius is searching the walls of my skull.

Dive! Splash!
Oh, bubbles! Watch as they rise.

Marshall Hens often swims around my own brain. There is so much too see, my father, my son, my mother and sister. They have never been able to escape my imagination. Which is a real shame because they're all really great chefs.
But yet in reality i stand alone.

Oh! as i fish around a joke swings by. I think it wants me to tell you the joke.

How many lightbulbs does it take to seal a deal?
Whats the best snap in the book? The one that gives you the paper cut!
What is a good thing to put into a cake? Your teeth!

Tear dropping flood, fountains of joy. Tell them to your grandkids when you get home.
But now onto the serious side.

It may have taken you a little while to get here and read this. Because as we all know you came here to read my words of Marshall Wisdom. Which is also a book i am planning to write. You may have been told by a friend that i was posting here at The Dollys Arm Blog. If so, please give them a pat on the back from me!
I'm not here all the time, i just stop by sometimes to say hi to Michael Viney, the writer of The Berry's Thumb Blog.

But to leave you with a depressing messege would be mean. But i have to let you know that everywhere you go you are killing animals just by breathing in their air. Without air the animals are going to die.
So think first, hold your breath for a while and let an animal live for once."

- Marshall Hens
Exclusively for The Daily Crumb

Wise words from writer Marshall Hens there.
Next week Sean Pernly Wittingston talks to us about Bradley's Door, the new American Teen Drama and Barry Medicine Perkins is in the comedy chair. It is sure to be a very funny article. Stay tuned.

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