Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This title is a secret

Sorry for releasing this twice, we had an issue with dates.
This article includes an exclusive review of Adam Phillips' new Brackenwood Short Film that has yet to be released.

But before we can go anywhere i need to do a colour test. The print sometimes fails on The Daily Crumb. Just need to make sure each colour comes out fine for the article.

Yep that all seems fine!

Adam Phillips has been working very hard on his new Brackenwood animation. The last Brackenwood related story was 'Waterlollies', released in 2007. Every film has made a huge impact on internet communities and won him many awards. Apart from that one time France thought bitey was not hairy enough.

But is it just me or has all this work made Adam start to melt?

One of the continuity errors is the green coloured keyboard on Day 1.



The time has come for me to watch the new Brackenwood short film. Apparently a little shorter than the others, around the length of YuYu.

As the preloader begins i notice straight away the brilliant title of the film at the top of the page.
It is loaded, i click play.
It is over
I cannot begin to describe the beauty of this new animation. It is unlike the others in most aspects. The artwork is absolutely brilliant and unique to the series. Every shot is beautiful in that of a painting, with amazing lighting and new colours.

The film begins with the usual intro credits. A Brackenwood story, told by Adam Phillips. Here starts the sinister, epic music of Lee Miller. A fantastic composer. Together with the brilliant artwork, animation and story of Adam this is more worthy of the cinema than a lot of the films released these days.
The camera work is amazing. It makes me want to see the storyboard and/or animatic. See how much it may have changed, or how much it stuck to the sketches.

If you're like me and you've been waiting for an update on The Brackenwood Film. This is pretty much what you've been looking for in epicness. Without revealing too much you're going to know a lot more about Brackenwood and it's characters.
The mix of music and cinematography is epic and works so well. Going to be a pleasure to watch, unless you have heart conditions.

That is all you need to know. You're going to enjoy it, and you're going to get what you wish you were paying for.

It is also going to leave you wanting more DARN YOU ADAM PHILLIPS. I'm just kidding ;) but i am very angry.

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