Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Email Attack 4,679

Today in the news baby construction cone sheltered by mother.

Off Topic from Witches Hats.
I have a feeling that the face into camera youtube celebrities have actually slowly disapeared. Or at least they dont full on talk about their day constantly in every video.
Youtube celebs have expanded over the last year. Collaborating and bringing a bit more story or humour. Webcam folks are becoming comedians and advice givers. Sure there are still alot of them out there but the film partnership and popular credit go to the film makers and comedians. Real work is being appreciated for written and directed short films and comedy sketches. Even if it is just someone walking around their house with some special effects pasted over the top of the video. At least it is not talking about nothing for 10 min of downloading time.
2010 is looking bright.

Now going LIVE to The Daily Crumb Office.
There is nothing going on here.

Though I think i am allowed to report that Adam Phillip's next Brackenwood film could well be released this Saturday. (Or around that date)
I actually saw Adam Phillips at the shopping centre this week. He was buying some Heinz soup.


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