Thursday, August 13, 2009

We've got the new(s)

Today in the news it is past the time of brightening the day but the night still needs to be lit.

Talking of which
Lee Unkrich, the director of next years Toy Story 3 proved to me in the last week that he is a worthy director.
(Apart from the fact he made a lot of the earlier films what they are today)

This was, shoving his head into a cake.
He did this, posting on his youtube account as a celebration of getting 5000 followers on his Twitter account.

Video below:

The Daily Crumb is proud to be Lee's very first subscriber on youtube.

Now it is time for

Today the the A.I World Map has chosen Japan.
This is Masamichi Toyama

No he is not a mad scientist. He makes soup. He seems to be eating seaweed or pea soup.
Soup Stock is a soup selling soup company that has spread in super numbers across Japan. Masamichi believes his quality of food is perfection. These words were not taken from his mouth.

"Worry not women of Japan! Because Soup Stock is designed in a simpler and more comfortable fashion than perhaps Mcdonalds or any other fast food grease house. You do not have to worry about being attacked! So sit down and relax, and do not complain about our perfect soup."
Ronald Mcdonald has been known for attacking Japanese women.

Masamichi did actually work at KFC. Obviously this hit a nerve and caused him to run off and make his own fast food joint. "Why do they all have big electric signs?"

Looking at the picture it is not only a soup shop but also a library.

So if you are in Japan in the next few years please stop by one of the fifty something Soup Stock Super Shops and say hi to Marasumi Matashimo for us. (I'm sure that was his name)

This was news of the world.

- The Daily Crumb

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