Monday, August 31, 2009

News at The Daily Crumb

The office is rather quiet at the moment here at Daily Crumb Studios. We have many rooms designated to different work areas. Writing, drawing, equipment, casting, kitchen...

I'm just looking at the schedule on the writing room door. At 10.00 this morning Jerome was in here. Oh yes i remember that, he came in dressed as cleopatra. Though as i recall he did nothing at all the whole time he was here. I think he just fell asleep on the keyboard, poor soul.

11:00 i met Para Cat in there for a hot chocolate. He's been trying to get the company to start up Stargazed again but it just won't happen, not yet. Para did try and enter the music scene recently but got pushed aside by the other 'various high voice' band 'Ekalopse', who recently got number 1 album.
I suggested he take part as an extra in our Doctor Who animation coming soon. We're doing some of the last bits of filming next week. I hope he can make it, a little bit of extra money i suppose.

But all in all i'm worried about Para Cat. I would not say this to his face but i just dont think his drawn image is one that could lead a film. He's not even popular enough to write his own bio. But i'm sure they'll have a place for him on 'I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here!'
But he will always be on my list.

12:00 Rehearsing. Matt Smith and David Tennant came in. When i looked in they were just dancing to a booming stereo. The monkeys went crazy! They started throwing paperwork all over the place.
(They were writing next weeks news)

1:00 Nap time for the chimps in the centre office here. We're all working together now to get to you high quality film and written work.
None of the TWEETS on twitter are actually me. They are all written by Glen, a very smart monkey. He recently started here and updated us about this 'Twitter' world. Saying all the kids got it so why don't we?

Please email me if he says anything insulting.

Impact was in the kitchen earlier making some Pancakes for pancake day. I'm not sure when that is. But i suppose we'll be prepared here at The Daily Crumb.

Adam Phillips came in today actually. He came in his personal ToonBoom helicopter, almost ripped the side of the building off.
He asked if we wanted to put up some ToonBoom orange wallpaper around the place or perhaps try some tasty ToonBoom on a stick.
We declined but kept a bit of wallpaper rolled up in the equipment room incase we could be bothered to get off our lazy backsides and learn how to put it up.

Adam stayed for a while staring at our fish finger tank stolen from Bristol Museum's Banksy Exhibition.

You may have noticed we have more staff, more money, and a proper office. Rather than a grubby shed on the outskirts of Penny Lane.

This is because we actually found the end of the rainbow. We might tell you about that in a future film.

Oh! Sammy the Monkey has just turned off the lights which means it is a bye bye from me!
Sammy says bye as well. Hold on.

Sorry just asked him to turn the fan off. I find it funny when he has to stand on a chair to reach things and press buttons.

Ok goodnight The Daily Crumb readers and of course, those faithful victims of SPAM.
Have a nice day

- The Daily Crumb

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