Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today in the news cold air flocking in from the past.

Now sitting quietly in a little pebble alley is a man. He wears a top hat and a bow tie.
Passing him folks sing "Get a job!" Though they are young and unfortunately uneducated.
This man sitting quietly reading a new novel from writer Terry Swanfield is the man that taught you to play cricket in the street. He is the man that taught you that eating a warm donut was ok and not abnormal.
He is and will always be the man that draws absolutely hilarious drawings on gravestones of famous people.
He boasts that he got the first kiss in history and was the first to get crushed by a giant stone.
He was the only one to reach Pluto and the only man to have slid down a hill of baked beans with a face painted as Spiderman.

This man is only known by a nick name. That nick name is IMPACT on you.

IMPACT has been known for sitting in this pebble street for years. He has never been arrested for polluting a grassy hill with baked beans.
The police are too afraid to approach him due to the fact that he really smells.

The End

You can email him at swanfieldfan@gmail.com

- The Daily Crumb

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