Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A message from the Creation Kingdom

My name is Gerald Pee Francis. I'm nothing special, just Queen Get Your Head Out of the Clouds side guy. The guy that collects the biscuits and washes her clothes. It is not much of a life really. When i was younger my dream was to live a free life among the fresh grass under Pixie Bridge. But once the Queen ordered the pixies to be made into biscuits the grass died and the bridge turned into dust.
So now i'm just little old me. I've got plenty of friends but none of them i could call a 'best'. I occasionally talk to Benjamin Biscuitboy and Princess Artistic the apple princess. Well actually they're on their honeymoon.
I sent them a message through the power of smoke. Basically because they left the kingdom the Queen has ordered them to be killed as soon as they get back. This is quite a shame as they seemed a nice couple.
Though this has happened in the past and their delightful apple biscuits saved their lives. I do hope they can find a new exciting flavor to save their lives this time.

Lawrence Lillian Labeetlemack sits by me, he makes her warm mud hot chocolates. He is so rude to the other workers. Just because he's at the top with the Queen and I.
I've never become big headed you see. I realise that one word and my head would be rolling down the tall kingdom steps. My blood used to add a mix of flavor to the Queen's next hot chocolate.
In a line of people i'm the guy you've had a laugh with but do not know my name. This saddens me. When will i find my friend, or even my apple princess like ol' Benjamin?

Or is it just my middle name that puts people off?

- Gerald Pee Francis"

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