Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Ponyo Trailer

Today in the news horse smokes pipe but by his own accordian.

Disney released another trailer of the english adaption of Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea.

My only complaint maybe is the little girls voice sounds too old unlike the original version. But still, it is clear from the trailer that we're going to be in for a visual treat.
Though while America are enjoying that treat on their big screens at this very moment we are sat here waiting for ... possibly a DVD release?

We may not get Ponyo untill Fed next year folks in the UK. Australia may get it THIS month. I am not sure why the UK seems to be getting everything so late. It is rather annoying.
But here we are with the new trailer that pretty much gives away the whole story. But it is worth a watch just for the beautiful artwork.
video below

PIXAR's UP (9th October)
We may be getting Toy Story 3 in July when it is released all around the world in June next year. (Not the biggest wait but still seems unfair.)
We got Ratatouille LATE, Wall-e LATE (But earlier than Australia at that time)

Talking of which Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is yet to be released. Something i am not that excited about anyway. The only difference in story looks like the Mad Hatters got a bigger part. I have an image of him as the tin man, scarecrow or lion walking with Alice as a best buddy.

Out with the old, in with the new.
I thought id post the trailer for the animated film, Ferngully. A beautiful rainforesty film with magic, nature and Tim Curry as a bad guy.

I also watched number 2 and it almost killed me. Way too long and boring and the absense of Robin Williams annoyed me.
video below

Somewhere in our dusty storage room we found a very old device. This device was invented by a Mr. Anney Ignorcube. As an inventor the world despised him.
Mr. Ignorcube was actually the first man to invent computer technology but the world ignored him until further years.
His computer was named the
Anney. IgnorCube. Computer World Map.
or A.I.C.World Map for short.
His machine could, with the press of a button pinpoint a random location on earth and give us a random piece of information about that place. Some of the local news. It sometimes even picks up CCTV footage or something broadcast on the local TV channels.

Today the World Map has chosen Sydney, Australia.

Adam Phillips of ( is working on an Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.
"The new D&D short I'm animating will be absolutely epic.. perhaps a little too epic. Seeking permission to post a prelim screenie on Twitter"
Adam has also been working on a script for a personal project set for the future. Another online series perhaps.
Check out his progress from here
Also there seems to be a dog useing up Adam's phone bill.

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Only watched half the ponyo trailer don't need to watch anymore :D Am so excited looks brilliant!
    Yay! Fern gully original boo No.2