Friday, August 07, 2009

7/9/09 Twitter

Today in the news journalists are getting fatter.
This is fact. You may have once seen them rushing through the streets with microphones and notepads. But no more.
Your average journalist is now sitting at a computer watching various celebrity twitter accounts.
"This person said this on their twitter but immediately deleted the 'tweet' leaving some speculation."

Yesterday i mentioned how the media and broadcasting companies take complaints very seriously. Saying this, celebrities on 'twitter' must really watch what they say as these fat journalists will be on them on like a hawk.
Though this is only the celebrity bothering news that people deny being interested in. The real news is not individual peoples lives but the bigger picture. A picture that has to be seen with the eyes and not just read in summary form as a 'tweet'. So in those cases journalists are running around and away from things burning off the cookie fat.

You may not have noticed this but a lot of the news these days comes straight from twitter.
Twitter was even one of the first places to find out about Michael Jackson playing dead.

So watch out! Caus it'll get you!

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. I am not surprised to hear that journalists are doing that, it easier than chasing the celebs around :)
    Be careful what you say on the Michael Jackson subject, you could get a lot of nasty comments about that ;)