Sunday, August 09, 2009

Jerome leaves Penny Lane

Today in the news midgets attack Courtney Leacock in his sleep.

Also in the news.
This photo was taken earlier today

Jerome is going on holiday for a while to get over the loss of his owner, Tomothy. Tomothy sadly passed away at Christmas time.
It has taken a lot out of Jerome and the rest of the family.
"I feel like everything in the street reminds me of him, he was a brilliant friend to me all of my life, even when he was ignoring me."
Jerome has caught the plane to Sydney, Australia where he will be staying with famed animator Adam Phillips.
Adam's twitter recently said
Chluaid: "Reminder to self, don't give Jerome alcohol again"

Penny Lane has of course been silent since.The street has darkened in colour.
Since the film crew left no one has attempted to take care of the street. Tomothy's family are silent as well as all of his friends. Though Yo, who actually has a broken leg at the moment and Vinnie did make an appearance at the airport to wave Jerome off.

Kapet Straw is actually in a coma at the moment in the local hospital but there has been no sign of him awaking.
Due to this news report the man with the crazy hair and helmet will actually know where to hunt down Jerome and capture him. So watch out Adam Phillips...

Goodnight Penny Lane. We will miss you.

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