Friday, June 26, 2009

Tragic news hits the world

Today in the news amazed visitors eat at edible traffic lights. Each colour a new amazing flavor.
Though drivers have fallen into a spiral of confusion as a result of this.

Also in the news Michael Jackson, the 'man-boy' as Paul Mccartney likes to say passed away yesterday.
Michael was born on August 29, 1958 and was an instant success from an early age. He moved on from his brothers with the Jackson five and took the world by storm as a musician and performer.
Unfortunately after a few brilliant hits Michael had a terrifying experience, he saw a ghost. His face was condemned for life.
He felt awkward with such a change of face and took the route to plastic surgery. This failed and all the surgeon did was accidently chip off his nose.
The media continued to annoy his personal life by claiming he had many operations. But as Michael said, he only had the two to help improve his ghost shocked face.

He never spoke of the ghost that shocked his eyes to the widened look of an anime character but some suspect it was the one handed captain hook of his nightmares.

But hopefully he died a happy man boy knowing millions wanted to see him live one last time before he possibly retired (The London Shows.)
Though The Times said: "He can stand the sight of a hundred zombies but not one supernatural ghost experience."

Yvette Fielding said: "I was quite lucky i suppose. In my most haunted experience i have only seen one ghost and all it did was change my hair colour and make me fat."

On a brighter note Blur are still alive.

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Yeah sad news.
    I love the explanantion for the change of face :D Hahahaha!