Tuesday, June 09, 2009

John Lasseter reads the Daily Crumb

Today in the news Kevin Rudd reacts to a comment made by Gordon Ramsay. How does Kevin have the time?
Also in the news Gordon attempts to sue the team behind the soap, Neighbours for stealing his name for their title street, Ramsay.


John Lasseter, one of the many big minds and decision makers behind Pixar, and now Disney. Director of most of the original Pixar shorts and films including Toy Story 1 and 2 and Cars.

Suddenly become JEALOUS after reading an earlier Article of the Daily Crumb.

John noticed a certain British Animator named, Nick Park had visited Studio Ghibli to view a Wallace and Gromit display in the musuem.

He was not happy. He had this to say:
"I have been pals with Hayao and that producer guy for so many years. Since you know... that movie with the slugs. And i love PIXAR, i feel we've put a lot of thought into our stories. For the last few years me and the team have put a lot of effort into releasing these American Dubs of the Studio Ghibli films.
It was painful work, we even had to work with Christian Bale. But pushing that aside i thought our friendship was strong. My family even took him out to dinner when he came over for Howls Moving Castle.
Then this! A big exibit for Wallace and Gromit? I've met Nick, he's a nice guy, probably drunk though constantly. I thought we were buddies, i thought i was his only english speaking animator dude guy.
This is a bit of a triangle and i am not happy."

Soon afterwards John caught the first plane there to make sure his friendship was still strong.

I love that car.
By the look of it Nick and John's battle of the Genius Japanese Director is really interrupting his work. (Based on his clothing)

"It seems Nick was just a one day thing. It was not real like us. Me and him have gone back further than time itself.
I actually arrived right after Nick left which came as a happy surprise to Miyazaki. The only reason we have not worked together is because i dont understand what he's saying."

And a Studio Ghibli translator told us:
"John Lasseter keeps visiting and touching my shoulders. Could you ask Americans to keep him away?"

John was jealous of the artwork and signings other artists had done on the Ghibli Musuem Wall.
So he made his extra big to see.
As you can see Bob Peterson also did some artwork as well

Nathan Viney
The Daily Crumb Studios Tokyo.

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