Friday, June 05, 2009

Adam Phillips Super Hero and Nick Park visits Studio Ghibli


Today in the news irrational airport alliances are decidedly pleased to death by Social Soul Predictors of Utopian ages. They say "It brings grand pleasure and wellingship to us that relys only on which we have seen from various past experiences." It was noted by Airmanship Spokesman Steven Shill-shellington of Showsberry Station that "all was bright through rather glimmering lenses. Though bald was the bride to be precise to our pages."
Letter opener Harold Hanesley Hound Hansen who heard a hill top past the granary rice fields said, "Spokesman Steven Shill-shellington of Showsberry Station shouted in shameful chandeliers of guilt. No word of his welcomed our stage that afternoon."
Fred on the sidewalk asked, "What the hell is going on?"
"We're not sure ourselves Fred. We've just been trying to keep up with how fast these people speak. Did you see any of the events at hand?"
"What.. today?"
"Yeah, Dairy and Cain McRebble shifted into jar power of a glass in the face kind. Though pretty miss Lawson only missed the ceilings clash of what we share as wisdom and for shame. "


Miles away from that*out of this world* wedding stood Adam Phillips. A man of many talents, a man with giant hands. So giant, he used them to walk, like a gorilla.
His gorilla steps could be heard cities away in a ripple of energy. These earthquakes killed a lot of the elderly.
He had a cape tied around his neck. He stood tall and roared over the shaken mountains. Yes, you can tell i am in the holidays now.
Adam Phillips stepped down from the large pile of dead bodies. He landed with a splat of bloody bear feet.
"It took a while. But now everyone on earth is dead."

And what do you know, every mountain that surrounded him were actually large piles of bodies. He called upon Jeanette who was ready with a golden medal and a congratulations.
After her smile a sudden blink of light crashed their eyes and the simulation was complete.
"Wow! I did well that round."
Jeanette patted the super hero on the back. "Yes you did."
Adam walked over to his office and sat down in front of the computer. "I guess it's back to the freelance!"
Jeanette walked into the other room and placed the simulation goggles over her eyes.

Suddenly giant pieces of cardboard shot at her from all directions. She was caught by surprise and hit backwards onto a colourful jigsaw puzzle floor. As she rolled over the pieces, music sounded in a mellow key and they lit up.
She pulled herself up from the glowing floor and noticed a sword was in her hand, a shield in the other. She could suddenly move at amazing speeds. She shot across the jigsaw ground setting it a light. Fire burned behind her soaring legs as she ran across the simulated world.

And Adam and Jeanette never saw day light again.

What a story

But what i was actually going to talk about was this animation Adam made quite a while ago. He did, when he showed it to me give permission to post it on the Crumb. Though after reading the above he probably has changed his mind.

A super hero animation for a competition Adam entered for Flashkit.
This was MAY 21. enjoy


In other news the great Hayao Miyazaki met Nick Park recently. Hayao has actually been a huge fan of Aardman for a while now.

"Nick took a trip to the main building, situated around 40 minutes from Tokyo centre, where he was introduced to studio founder Hayao Miyazaki and his producer Toshio Suzuki."

Inside the Ghibli musuem of amazing artwork and models from the films they actually had a Wallace and Gromit exhibition.
"Business called in the afternoon as Nick was interviewed by Mr Suzuki for his weekly radio show. Nick then attended the press preview of A Matter of Loaf and Death and met the new Japanese voice cast. Needless to say the 60 seat cinema at Ghibli was packed to rafters with people standing to get a view of the film which received a great response from everyone there."

Nick signed the wall for the exhibition.

Info and Pictures from

- The Daily Crumb

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