Monday, June 29, 2009

My Childhood

Another world, a world i feel like i was not a part of.

Though suddenly i remember. I had a whole play room for myself until we moved house (We were fortunate in Australia). Big backyard with a load of sand. i was a bit weird, as you'd probably imagine. Only child.
First off i was influenced by almost everything. We used to go to christmas pageants where loads of floats drive through the streets until the final one was Santa. Anyway i used to create my own pageants with a final float/toy car (A super hero dog toy i had who had his own james bond car which he was actually much bigger than :D )
Anyway apart from pageants 'SuperDog' who was a dalmatian (and i still have him somewhere today) used to have his own tv show in my mind. Whilst making whooshing sounds my eyes would be the camera as the car drove, and he flew around saving other toys.
My eyes were always the camera. Even when i walked to school id pretend i was in a TV show so when i was at home id always fall over like i was a clumsy character. No one else knows this about me. I was constantly in tv shows and movies until one day i learnt to stop.
It was when i was getting older and siblings and young cousins were growing up. Suddenly my attitude to the world was not appreciated anymore. Nothing could be a fiction. So i ended up becoming an animator/writer/filmmaker haha

But i got sidetracked!
In my playroom i used to make dinosaur zoos. With cardboard buildings. I'd have characters that looked after the dinosaurs.
Also, back to me being weird
In the sand i used to build prisons. But it was mainly for death... there was a pit i remember, i would make it really dramatic the toys screaming for life until they sunk.
Or as memories are flowing back to me i would build a town / or maybe use the pageant and create a sort of volcano with blankets. The red blanket would slowly move towards the town as lava.
So as well as happy super heroes saving slow motion falling toys there was a lot of dramatic deaths!

I loved when it rained, the play room had a metal roof. Suddenly I was part of weather control, i'd be falling around as a tornado hit in my imagination.

Thinking back i wish i never grew up. Now i know how Michael Jackson felt haha

See i could easily do that now and be happy to, but what would distract me would be reality, the fact i have things to be doing, i cannot live without money or finishing college work. Though i would also be thinking, why can i not achieve this amazing camera angle in flash??

- The Daily Crumb


  1. Yeah i miss the things you could get away with as a kid. Like playing godzilla, where i was godzilla and chased my friends around :)

  2. Anonymous8:25 AM

    blob as godzilla Im gonna have nightmares:)