Monday, June 15, 2009

The BIG News

Today in the news

Above is our new slogan. We feel it will bring in the big customers. This is rather than the small and thin ones that normally open our newspaper.

You may not notice it but The Daily Crumb has had a whole new face lift. Sure it's not exactly noticeable but it is all in the mind.
We bought a new car and even a new studio. Sammy the Monkey has decided to split from his NOVEL writing to write a little article for us every paper.
So all in all we are in a very happy place.

Recently i asked the medium whether he could contact the old Daily Crumb writer, Daniel (Vector) Kerr. He did eventually get through but ended up shouting curse words at me.
Thats Vector for ya.

The studio is not huge but big enough for me and Sammy to have our own offices. I am going in a partnership to publish his novel while he writes for the Crumb.

"My novel is coming along fine. I have reached a point where i am struggling with dialogue. The main character and the villain of the piece are speaking to each other. It is set in the centre hall of a rather large mansion.
The story i may reveal closer to the release date.
So onto the basic news of this week.

A custard factory is actually struggling to keep themselves floating in the buisness world. The factory is Clements Custard Factory of East Street, Foundhalls.
Mr. Clement the second said to me, "We are basically running out of cash. Our custard sales are being pushed aside by the releases of new Ipods."

Sammy the Monkey, Daily Crumb Studios, Penny Lane."


Was there no more on that one Sammy?
Nothing more exciting this week?
"Sorry. Must get back to writing this novel. Stop Skyping me."
Oh.. ok. Thankyou for that Sammy the Monkey.

In other news

Clements Custard Factory of East Street EXPLODES!

the end

- The Daily Crumb

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