Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ponyo on a Cliff and more news

Today in the news "I'm not really the stig."

Studio Ghibli's next film to be released in English is PONYO ON A CLIFF.
But renamed for english release as PONYO. Sounds about right.
Anyway, the great new trailer has come out.
With Liam Neeson doing the voice of the colourful magic guy.

I am looking forward to its release.
(It says theatres, does that mean only in America?)

Though they have made it out to be an epic adventure for Ponyo to save the planet? I am not sure how that works out with the original story.


Also in the news
The Chasers War on Everything has struck the BBC.
Broadcast on Tuesdays BBC4

After looking at some of the original episodes it looks like they have refilmed some of their chattering on the sofas and edited a load of their best bits together for a shorter 6 episode series. They may have also editted it for UK audiences. (With all of the Australian Political humour)

Talking of the Chaser in the UK
They came to the UK recently to film. I have not seen this episode yet but i found a long sketch from it broadcast today.
As you all know the STIG was revealed this week. This was filmed before this.
It is very funny

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  1. Yay! Ponyo! I hope it's out in UK cinema :o
    Hahaha Stig sketch hahahaha! Clever!