Sunday, August 24, 2008

Write down your dreams

It isnt an amazing written masterpiece. But it did feel extrememly real.
My thoughts and dreams swept along and I ended up opening my eyes to the inside of an aeroplane. I had been asleep in my seat. At this time i still felt tired, my eyes half open. Then i realised something, i didnt remember going to the airport, doing all of the paper work. I didnt even remember booking the flight.
It all felt so real, i really was sat staring down the hall of the aeroplane. (Keeping in mind i was on 4 of them a month ago so my mind knew exactly how to trick me)
There was a girl with a pony tail sat next to me (i never sat next to someone like that). I turned to her and i think i said, "Where are we going?" What she said is just a blur, but i remember wondering whether this plane was off to Singapore or Perth.
Thinking, i'd only just got off the plane recently, had i been so eager to get back id booked another flight? Well, here i was. So real, so realistic and half asleep (Inside a dream)
As i wrote earlier, i began to convince myself that i really did book the flight with my family by my side.
I remember telling all of this to the girl, she eventually moved a seat away from mine.
The next thing i remember is stepping out of the plane and walking. You can either feel the heat or the cold air when you do that walk, this time i felt cold air on my arms.

Next thing i was in singapore airport. I did not even remember getting my tickets so finding them in my red folder was a surprise.
But unfortunately the number and gate of my flight were not on the board, flight to Perth. I remember one was to Australia, but some place called Mango. Plus it did not say Australia, it said 'Aussie'.

I asked someone about it, from here on it became more of a dream, more of a blur as i maybe drifted off into other thoughts
I remember meeting two men, a fat one and a thin one. The fat one was wearing a colourful shirt and looked very much like John Lassester. The thin one was thin with glasses, with not so exciting clothing.
Beside them was a suitcase, obviously theirs.
It felt very much like i knew the two of them but i dont know their names or who they are. But i spoke to them like i knew them, they said they were heading to Australia as well and their flight was not there.
Some worker walked past who i recognized, i think from either another airport dream id forgotten or last time i was at the real airport.

Then the dream falls into a pit of circling blur as i was woken up.

I never got to Perth.
I fell back to sleep after wakeing up and so when i woke up the second time the flight seemed a long while ago.
I was sure i was on a plane last night, on my way to Perth.

- The Daily Crumb

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