Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Apple Princess

Twose Thrivin Gull Maroota Junscivan Balloon
Today in the news Prince Mud and Princess Artistic went for a walk around the grounds. The mother of young Artistic was not happy with this. Queen get your head out of the clouds was fuming with anger and hired Archer Archer to shoot down Prince Mud.
Archer Archer was rather astonished at these remarkable commands as he had grown to love Princess Artistic in the time he had worked in the kingdom.

The next glorious morning a torn up parchment was found by Mud's dorm. Prince Mud read it, apparently some ripe apples had grown and fallen in the grounds.
This was perfect as a gift for the wonderous Princess Artistic. Prince Mud made his way to the centre-field apple tree only to find another note. He picked it up and read, "Smile for me." Prince Mud was rather dumb but a heroic character, a sportsman and rescuer. He smiled.
An arrow shot through the centre of his forehead and exploded out of the back sticking into the bark of the apple tree.
Queen get your head out of the clouds patted the young Archer Archer on the head and resumed her daily sleeping.

Princess Artistic was most distressed at the death of her Prince. She began to eat hundreds of apples a day, soon thousands.
The Queen watched as every day her daughter turned into a giant, red apple. Tears fell down her face as she hugged the hard fruit surface of Princess Artistic. "I am so sorry, i did not mean to kill your Prince."

The apple obviously still had thoughts, and sucked her mother inside. Queen get your head out of the clouds awoke inside a giant seed, and then suffocated violently.
Artistic was finally happy, she hopped up and sat on top of the apple tree staring at the stars. Eventually the tree was not strong enough to hold up the giant red apple princess and snapped. The apple fell and exploded into hundreds of juice and skin pieces all over the grounds.

The next day Archer Archer and his team of warriors:
Benjamin Swordsman
Lucy McLucyfan fan fighter
Toadstool Asoldierscomfort
and Brannigan Biscuitboy.
found the giant apple pieces and used them to slide down high grass hills. They all lived happily ever after.
and Toadstool Asoliderscomfort was elected the new Queen (being the closest relation)

- The Daily Crumb

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