Monday, August 18, 2008

RIP Toby Fruitcake Johnson

Toby Fruitcake Johnson, the only marble that didnt roll down the road and splash into a river. Young Swat McFerguson was a cat boy who loved collecting different marbles, small and large, clear or magic. He had his large jar on the front of his bike, held there by his chin and the handle bars. But unfortunately the jar slipped from under his chin and exploded on the road below him firing the marbles down the street.

He stood over the broken crackly glass noticing one marble was left, a yellowy glass ball. "I think i'll call you Toby Fruitcake Johnson. You are 'the one that lived.
He cared for Toby so much, he made him a little cardboard home and even poured him glasses of water.

As time went by young Swat became old Swat and could no longer stand on his old legs. He held himself up by a walking stick at all times.

One day he stepped on the cardboard house accidently and slipped on the marble. He fell backwards and died as soon as he hit the ground.

It was a sad day of course. Toby Fruitcake Johnson was arrested for murder, sentanced for life.

In jail he was given a shared cell with an axe murderer.

Toby got through a few days but was soon cracked to pieces against the stone walls of the cell by the violent murderer.

This is in memory of Toby Fruitcake Johnson
The boy that lived

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