Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mcdonalds drive through

Bleep Bloop, Bleep Bloop. Hello madam, what would you like?
Why do you say madam without knowing if i'm male or female?
Only women go in the drive-through
What? That isnt true at all
I know. HAHAH, ok sir, what would you like?
A Double Quarter Pounder with cheese please.
Meal or on it's own?
On it's meal.
What for mate?
Would you like that as a meal or by itself?
By itself as a meal.
So you want a meal?
A Double Quarter Pounder with cheese
As a meal?
Thankyou sir. Small, medium or large?
Small medium and large.
You want three meals?
No, are you trying to get me to pay more or what?
No... small medium or large?
Yes please. A Double Quarter Pounder with cheese
Ok. I'll give you a medium.
I want a large thanks
Ok, large it is, what drink do you want with that?
No, medium drink if you can do that. Large chips, medium drink.
Ok.. wait, just typing that in.... ok what type of drink?
You already asked that.
Yes, but you did not give me an answer.
Then you're doing fine.
Is this because i called you a woman sir?
Ok, could you reverse sir?
I've just been given orders to tell you to reverse.
Arghh! I've driven into the car behind me now.
Oi you!


-The Daily Crumb

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