Saturday, August 09, 2008

Episode 10 of Edible Castle STOLEN!

The big news in the interweb universe today is rather big. And it smells like cheese.
Thats right, as it says in the title, i dont have to spell it out.
E d i b l e C a s t l e e p i s o d e 1 0 h a s b e e n s t o l e n!

The creators Will Arbuckle and Andy Dennis had this to say,
"I came into the Edible Castle office today arm in arm with good ol Andy Dennis. We were really excited about submitting the 9th episode of The Edible Castle today and the final episode of Edible Castle tomorrow. This 10th episode was going to mark the end of the 1st series of these cartoons and like I said a week ago, it was going to be a very special episode indeed. But our joy soon turned to horror as we found a note left on our desk"
The note was left by none other than the castle wizard.
This is the note the wizard left the artists

(Click to zoom)
I was totally shocked as i am sure Arbuckle and Dennis are at this moment in time.
I cannot really say anything else other than PLEASE help them find it.
The episode apparently had alot of talent contributed to it.
Those involved in making the cartoon were Tom Fulp (Newgrounds), The Swain (Blockhead), Mike Parker (College University), Ego Raptor (Awesome Series), Chase Suddarth (Tomorrow's Nobodies), Dim (SuperFlashBros), Lazy Muffin (Nameless), Will and Andy.

There is a way you can help them out, plus there are prizes to be won. So GET INTO IT BOGOS BLEETAMUS.

"We're so keen on getting the episode back we're also issuing a small reward which includes:

- an Edible Castle shop item
- a 15 page Edible Castle sticker book
- a Newgrounds T-shirt
- Newgrounds stickers
- a Newgrounds AngryFaic key-chain
- the chance to both be in and voice act in an Edible Castle cartoon
- a collaborative piece of artwork by me and Andy
- and a 2 pence sterling coin (it's probably worth like $2000 or something, I'm not sure what the exchange rate is at the mo)

Knowing the Wizards sloppy, slap dash ways I'm sure he'll have left a clue around somewhere. And like the king said at the end of the 8th episode, he's been posting rather strange messages on the Edible Castle Kingdom Blog over at our website.

Let's hope one of you lot can find this episode asap! We really appreciate your help with this. Oh and don't forget to check out today's episode!

Cheers guys,
-Will and Andy"

Help a duo out.

Now start looking for clues.
They suggested going to the Edible Castle Blog where the wizard had been posting rather random material.
This is serious buisness.

This was the last time he was seen. The photos were taken by a Cheesearian Photographer who thought the wizard had nice eyelashes.

- The Daily Crumb

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