Saturday, August 02, 2008

Marshmellow pickle sticks. Again a reality?

Today in the news this water i have got is in a blue plastic cup.
its odd, but fun

Now i had several complaints about the ripping of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory yesterday. Actually, i had none. But i just want to let you all know that writing about the evil doings of Willy Wonka was extrememly fun.
So thankyou Welsh man.

I want to write another one. But i shall not.
I am back from the Australia place now. It's not a dream yet, but it will be.
I got a helmet my mum thinks is weird, i have some books i shall get down to reading. I will see Wall-E in the next few days. I've got some Wall-E toys in which i love!
Is this the first time ive ever written anything 'real'? This must be interesting. So, very interesting.
It seems interesting even to me... has my imagination disapeared? I am speaking in the words of reality. Who on earth likes reality? It can occasionally brighten your day but can also drop you into a boiling pan of water.
I am not sure how many hours i was sat on a plane. Maybe 18-20? I was sat at a bus stop for about 2 hours, which i didnt mind.
Up until then i was fine, then i had to sit in a coach for a few hours and i was a bit uncomfortable at that point.
In Australia i read, i ate an omelete, i read, i watched Andrew Denton make his guests cry. I read some more, ate spaghetti and salads, pizzas and pastas, pies and ice cream.
I found my way, explored, met old friends, spent money and now im back.

Why does that bus stop have to be so far up the road?
Marshmellow pickle sticks.
Brought back into the claws of fashion. There are so many types of fashions, surfy, gothic, kelloggsoligists. I am a kelloggsoligist, you wear what you like, eat what you want, believe what you want to believe.
And only speak, when you can actually speak.
Money will go, and money will decay.

- The Daily Crumb

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