Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RMN COPZ final scenes located on Plymouth Hoe.

Today in the news thousands gathered around to watch the filming of the final scenes of the latest RMN COPZ episode which was released today.
They stood around, held back by barriers and security as Jake, Nathan and Matt starred in an emotional ending.
The scenes were filmed at the Plymouth Hoe amongst thousands of onlookers. Although some parts of filming were covered by large umbrellas so nothing was ruined.

We all remember when the two goth kids got parts in the cartoon series by waiting in the longest line Matthew Menhenick had ever seen.
As the series goes on the storylines have a larger impact on the Plymouth community and more people want to get involved.
The film makers did well to avoid anyone getting into the backgrounds and interupting the story.

Well, except one person

"Finally a famous series produced in the town of Plymouth, us folks are very pleased about this. Maybe now we'll be put back onto the map because at the moment we'd been whited out."
- Mayor of Plymouth.
"I'm hoping, if they are looking for a new person to play the mayor, that i will be asked or excepted. It sure would be a thrill."
"I was walking down the street yesterday, and even though i look nothing like the RMN COPZ mayor some children were asking for my autograph. I was rather pleased and it made me want to actually be in the television series."
- Mayor of Plymouth.

The episode was broadcast today and i do agree that the final scenes are very emotional and the public are going to love it.
If this episode is as famous by itself imagine what the last episode in the series is going to do. The sound recorder who was aged 6 was thrown into Plymouth sound after the final scenes were recorded.
He lived to see that he was fired unfortunately.

RMN COPZ has used the shop JAKES for alot of episodes and based a character around it, after the owner 'Gary' complained that they'd made him look fat they decided to make this emotional episode.
Gary was pleased with the result.
"I really did enjoy this episode, and finally i am pleased to say my company is in a huge Plymouth series."
The police station, hospital are mostly built sets but the alleyways and parks are all part of the Plymouth atmosphere.
Keep up the good work RMN COPZ Team.

The episode came out to today, episode 8

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Great mockumentary!
    Thanks for the support!
    Didn't notice the guy in the background when animating :D