Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sir. Coal Muffin to be killed.

Jibble Imp feet for thee Shay
Sir. Coal Muffin was emptying a bucket of water into a large barrel. "I do this job because i am forced too, they pay me in golden coins. The trouble is, i cannot spend the money because they lock me back up in the dungeons."

One morning Queen get your head out of the clouds asked Sir. Coal Muffin to explore the caves below the kingdom. Sir. Coal Muffin was happy to do this for freedom of the dungeon. The Queen was not pleased and asked Archer Archer to burn Coal.

Archer Archer made the mistake of telling Princess Artistic who was sat by the grounds apple tree all about the plan to kill Sir. Coal Muffin. Benjamin Biscuitboy sat close eating some of his biscuits in a barrel.

Artistic loved and adored Muffin just like a father, well, he was her father. But her mother, Queen get your head out of the clouds shunned poor Coal Muffin into the dungeons. He was only ever released when a job was to be done around the kingdom.

One night Benjamin Biscuitboy brought to the dungeon doors a tray with a juicy red apple sat on it. Gillian Guard opened the metal door and let Biscuitboy put the tray on the stone ground.
As soon as everyone had departed the small red apple transformed into the wonderous Princess Artistic the apple princess.
Sir. Coal Muffin was overjoyed. The both of them slid through the bars of the high window and ran off into the night to start a new life as Father and Daughter.

Benjamin Biscuitboy did not speak of the escape although he was the last one to see Coal. Soon he was threatened, a blade to his throat.

Gillian Guard bought some flowers for Queen get your head out of the clouds.
Benjamin never said a word.

- The Daily Crumb

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