Thursday, August 28, 2008

Film trailers

Today in the news a tennis teams mascot fell over the net.

Also in the news.
I thought id put some trailers up of some brilliant films i have seen recently.

Children of Men
The main greats about this film are the long busy takes and detailed locations.
Very good.

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse
Based on the chaarcters from their bbc series this film is brilliantly written. In a way it is better than the series put together. But in another way... it is the same.
But what ever way we go.
This film shows the characters AS characters and the real world... as us.
Amazingly written and directed, great animated creatures as well. Almost the perfect film for me.
The fact that they collided so many of the same actors in the same locations, and reacting together is amazing.
Dont you just hate the American voice over in the trailer?
You can never beat that music.

One of the friendlist and most lovable films i have ever seen. The life of a plumber as a mockumentary.

A cute and artistic film about friendship and making films!

- The Daily Crumb

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