Friday, September 05, 2008

Top 10 People of the World

Today in the news his shoulder ran away with the spoon.

Also: It is difficult to pinpoint the greatest 10 people in the world. There are so many categories, actors, plumbers, animators, science teachers, game designers, homeless people, fat people, football coaches, coach drivers, audiences, passengers, historic names, grave diggers, musicians and Reubens.

But in the end we needed to decide for this weeks:
for BreckFEST LIVE

1. Andy Shrimpkin: Artist of logos and painting on horses. A historic name, a great family man.
2. Goliath Kal Giddy: A small man with a large heart. Earlier winner of the midget awards.
3. Graham Gothenstine: Scientist and inventor of the Gothenstine Mctelescope. Another great.
3. Lenny Ethans: Musician that touched the world. Once he reached space he performed his lead song, "All in god time" standing on the moon. He then reached out and got a photo taken of him holding earth between his fingers.
4. Braven Kidenfrill Heartbug: RIP a great chef to the world.
5. Mrs. Hurushamama: Japanese fat lord.
6. Ham Stove: Ham Stove was a plumber and vegetation advisor to all of the people above. He is known for crushing food and renaming it, "Mushy". (Inventor of mushy peas and mushy chicken pieces." Ham Stove also moved on to create plastic chicken pieces for KFC.
7. Number Seven: A fantastic train designed by Mr. Bernard Harrisons and built by the "Co-op & Op-shop building co-op and co."
8. Honey Beach: Inventor of the Honey Beach (Honey spread on the bottom of your feet like butter on toast. This would stop sand sticking to your feet after exiting the water. Once finished on the sand simply rip the honey layer off and your feet are clean as a whistle.) , and multi award winning actress of popular soap opera, "Eastenders Apocalypse 3 part."
9. Getting closer to the end now. Berry Scroll: Game designer of such games as, "Burn that zombie.", "Jump little dragon!" and "Burn those little dragons!" as well as the "Brains are blood stained" game series for PC.
10: The last on the list, and i suppose the less important. Adam Phillips: Creator of the Brackenwood series.

- The Daily Crumb


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