Saturday, September 06, 2008

A messege from the Wavey Folk

Today in the news 'always head first'. A memorable line from the late Captain Giggilan Tans taken from the writings of author, Berton Scouts. Berton Scouts was known for re-writing books by Arthur Hazelnut and James Mcdilly Peterson, as well as Kram A. Seasoree the french brilliance.
Kram brought green to France.
But Kram Ankan Seasoree actually stole the idea of green from Martin Green in the small island of Impekabliss and claimed it his own creation in France.
They both died of neck poisoning.

Also as BreckFEST continues we have Queen Get your Head Out of the Clouds standing high and mighty on the stadium floor.
"I am happy to open the games, the awards and everything else TODAY!"
She was late for yesterdays award ceremony so BreckFEST was reopened today.
The 10 greatest people in the world are still winners.

Though everyone from 1 to 9 were shot dead today by a masked man wearing a bitey shirt.
I suppose this leaves Adam Phillips (Number 10) in first place.
We interviewed him about it, he said this: "I didnt say that."

More activities and ceremonies are still to come over the next week.
These include:
The greatest and most informative online newspaper award.

- The Daily Crumb

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