Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pre Silver Screen

Today in the news Lemington Fat was walking down the main street of Walkhampton. The creepy folk in the shop mumbled as he went past.
"Morning Matt."
Matt: "Morning Lemington Fat."
"Nice day for it."
Matt: "For what?
"Just... for walking... "
Matt: "Oh, well yes. Bit gloomy, heard it is going to rain this afternoon."
"Oh excellent.Will i see you at the village fair?"
Matt: "Oh.. no.. no i dont think i'll go."
"Afraid of that medium trying to get that knife again are we?"
Matt: "Sort of.. yeah. Anyway, you have a nice time."
"I'll have a drink for ya!"
Matt: "Yeah.. whatever.............. bye"

Lemington Fat came across the village real estate and mayor, Mr. mood. "Ello there Mr. Mood!"
"Morning Lemy! Nice day for it!"
Mr. Mood: "Oh yes. Amazing! Alright?"
"Yes yes!"
Mr. Mood: "You alright?"
"Yes yes."
Mr. Mood: "That's goood. Will i be seeing you at the village fair then?"
"Oh, yes yes. Cannot wait!"
Mr. Mood: "Going to help out with the hot dog stand are we?"
"Yes yes yes!!"
Mr. Mood: "Good Fatty! And what about the pizza throwing competition?"
"Yes of course!"
Mr. Mood: "And the model airoplane display?"
"Yes yes yessy! YES!"
Mr. Mood: "The dog competiton and the bouncy castles?"
"Yes of course Mr. Mood, of course!"
Mr. Mood: "Fantastic! Thats every job filled!"
"Yes yes yessy yes yesums... how much will i be paid?"
Mr. Mood: "Paid?"
"Oh, sorry. Was just asking, it dosent matter. I dont need to be paid, of course! Yes! Fine and Dandy!"
Mr. Mood: "Good good. You will have to pay at the door though."
Mr. Mood: "Do you know if that new bog will be coming?"
Mr. Mood: "That outsider, Mr. Matthews."
"Oooh No, Matt wont be coming Mr. Mood. He is afraid of that medium getting that magical knife again!"
Mr. Mood: "HaHA! What a filthy shame for the boy. Like anyone would want a silly... knife................ "
"*Magical knife Mr. Mood... magical."
Mr. Mood: "Magical....."

- The Daily Crumb

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