Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Tardis Not Included' New Doctor Who 2013 Cartoon

Yesterday (10/12/2012) I released a new Dr Who cartoon to Youtube. Exclusively for Youtube! What a wonderful place. If you enjoy please send on to your friends for them to enjoy! Keep sharing! Or the world might just explode.

Video above:

Secrets for the eagle eyed:

  • The Snowmen, Dalek being beaten up, Tomothy Sign, WOOO Wizard on shop logo and Mock Donalds clown character killed in car crash in opening shot. 
  • Kameleon in the Bin  
  • Blob Movie Poster for 'The End'
  • Cyberman working at Mock Donalds
  • Tom Baker scarf and jelly babies on the table
  • Ellie and Tadhg characters from 'Tomothy and Pals' comic in the moving car toy. 
  • Adric going up the escalator when Adric is mentioned
  • Crime tape says 'Little Policeman's Room' 
  • Copy of  'The Beano' Magazine on the cabinet as well as photo of the victim with Dennis the Menace in a hoody.
  • 'Ron Weasley' After Credits mention. 

We'll let you know of any future projects

- The Daily Crumb

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