Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tomothy and Pals Comics

Hi everyone,
We have recently reached about 41 comics on the website.
Here is my explanation of them as a set

There are a variation of comics. Ones that have stupid jokes, one that have kind of clever jokes, ones that are mostly for character development but hopefully make people smile and ones that people may just not like.
I think it needs that. Because clever and stupid are the ones that sell but character develop are the ones that keep the fans if there are any reading.
I used the school camp series of comics to explore the characters personalities with various different situations a kid may experience at camp. Cooking, making and sleeping in a tent, camp fires and other activities.
It was also a way to bring in a long running theme. All of the other comics have been one off jokes. I love the one off formula because it gives us a lot of freedom thinking of ideas (My co-thinker Lana Cohen brings a lot of the comic ideas in).
But the theme kept some on going situation/ continuity. This was in their clothes (school uniform with leaf camp logo) and their environment (the wilderness, nature).

It is difficult to portray a story in 4 panel jokes that I like to be quite funny, and a good development for the characters but it will be nice to work on what is coming next. Whether that be one offs or themes.

On that note, the comic will be taking a short break while I work on some other life projects, like council work and possibly a short animation.
I will still be planning comics, just not producing them just yet. But this normally means you will get a lot at some point!
I am also looking into releasing it as a book, I may send word out to publishers but not getting my hopes up.

- Nathan Viney
Tomothy's Dad

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