Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Dear Daily Crumb Readers,
Happy Birthday to Adam Phillips who turned the age of the Unicorn today.
I'm going to show you some things! First off, SHELF promotion now, there is a new Tomothy and Pals comic out.
You can find it here

There is also a new trailer for the new Avatar series available. (If you cannot see you may be reading an email)

Also this lovey dovey animation for all you birds of love out there.

Below is a very well animated bar fight
(Please, if you are interested in the artists and animators don't mind me, go and look into them, I'm not doing it, I've got things to do, mostly sleep.)

Videos that entertained me

Comedy double act that used to do Macromedia flash downloadable drawn objects including guns and motorbikes released a Death Note spoof.

Movie of the year so far by Studio Ghibli with perfect british dub, unfortunately the trailer narration is written by Dr Seuss

- The Daily Crumb

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  1. Lots of awesome and inspirational things here!