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Steak Pie Review (For UK readers)

Warning: This page may include offensive material to anyone that is a vegetarian or vegan. We mention the word Steak 20 times throughout the article. 

Hi everyone, in the last year Steak pies have started turning up everywhere for me to eat.
British Pie company, Pukka Pies started throwing their steak pies at pastry shops around the country. Here are my reviews and ratings for some pies I have eaten recently.

(Steak Pie)

Tesco, like many supermarkets have a pack of  4 steak pies you can buy and pop in your fridge. Unfortunately a Tesco Steak Pie is the equivalent of a broken down car that's sinking very slowly to the bottom of a river. You can tell the meat is not of perfection, it is a bit 'tasteless' (at times) and it might have a bit too much gravy. But that's the good part, I would not say no to a Tesco Steak Pie, the insides, although not mind blowing, are still good. It is the pastry that is not so fine, It is pastry, sure, but it is just too hard, we want smooth soft pastry when we eat our Steak Pies.

We give it a
(Steak Pie)

Lidl, like Tesco does a pack of 4 pies. I'm not sure of the price but I hear from a flock of birds that they are of good value. I don't know how they did it but 'Lidl Steak Pies' are as good as you can get with a cold simple Steak pie.
Their insides have the right amount of steak and gravy and the pastry is very smooth to eat. The only reason I have not given it a higher rating is because I've not tasted God's Steak Pies unfortunately, I'll keep you updated on that.

We give it a

Pukka Pies
(Steak Pie)

Well, these are the leading brand of pie people in the UK I believe. Some how the owner is one of the richest people in the UK. Truth be told I only started to notice Pukka Pies in the last two years, popping up in pastry stores like Oggy Oggy and in little orange boxes in supermarkets.
I was sceptical at first, no one had real pies any-more. They all seem to be tiny Co-Op slices and greasy Warrens pasties.
But I was wrong! Pukka Pies at the Oggy Oggy are fantastic. As well as the shop ones, very good. They brought hope back into my life. Now bring on the chicken pies (without mushrooms)

The leading brand for pies gets a
8.5/10 (So Lidl's are as good :O )

(Steak and Ale Pie)
Morrisons is brilliant, if you are walking around, hungry for lunch, all you need to do is jump into Morrisons. You can buy one juicy Steak and Ale Pie in a bag, hot or cold, and off you go. Buying one pie is very helpful, in other supermarkets you are made to buy a pack of 2 or 4. Although that is brilliant for when you are going home and you can store them in the fridge... when you are out at lunch it means you will want ALL OF THEM. Then you gain weight for eating 4 pies in a row, every day for lunch.
You can sometimes find these Morrisons Steak and Ale Pies, made in store, at the back by the meat and cheese counters.

We give it a
8/10  (This may have been higher but as it is against regular Steak Pies, it had to be fair)


Looking at other websites it seems Lidl has been doing quite well with other customers as well.

Now back in Australia we had these things called Party Pies, they were mini Steak Pies, bring on the Party Pies!
There are no images included in this article of 'Steak Pies' because they actually look quite 'yuck' in photos, not very photogenic. Not like Chocolate Cakes.


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