Monday, February 06, 2012

2012 Website Design

It is a new year.. slightly, although the year is already on its way to ending...  With jobless people across the world and some jam donuts waiting for me, this year is going to be exactly like every other year. Except with new year, comes more responsibility.
- Uncle Ben

The Daily Crumb has had a huge 'makeover'. With new images, colours and a LOGO that is still a work in progress.
The new website has a side bar for navigation. The options at the moment are HOME, CONTACT (Which now includes CV), ANIMATIONS, COMICS (A new button that links to the recent Tomothy and Pals comics) and BLOG, Which links to here.
The side bar buttons are really nice as they stay on screen when linking to other websites. So if you access this BLOG via the website, you will also be able to go and check out the comics or animations, or click the contact button. All worlds connect.
This method for some reason does not work when linking to sites such as 'facebook' and 'deviantart'. So it must mainly be blog-like sites. (I don't know!)
Everything is easily accessible and we also now have a Daily Crumb Facebook Page (You can find that link on the new website as well).  So you can click LIKE if you desire.

This website is in 'redesign' stages, there are still some glitches to be ironed out

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  1. Loving the little animated side icons :D