Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Daily Crumb Roundup

Hi folks!
The short film Green means Stop is finished (Animation anyway) It is going through editing stages now. Its all been shipped off to be edited by a man named Will Middleton. He will be your director for this evening.

That is wonderful isn't it.

Lana Cohen (Our collaborating genius) has written us a script based on a very old idea of ours. So we may be doing some for designs for that soon.
At the moment we are looking for some work, whether it be animation, or scooping slabs of poo from a lasagne tray. Whatever shall pay for the animation time.

Also the band Ekalopse informed us that they've released a Best Of Album. Which apparently has all the songs they think are at least 'listenable.. almost'
Find it here 


  1. A job scraping slabs of poo! A guy can dream :D

  2. cheers for letting me know the Blurballs error