Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tomothy and his Christmas mishaps

Hi reader,
This Christmas I released two Tomothy and Pals comics for the festive season.
Tomothy's Christmas has not always been in comic form, in previous years there have been animations showing off the antics of his Christmas time.
Things have not always been good.

Some will remember the darker side of the Tomothy and Pals series.

Christmas may have all started with this snowy cartoon, Tomothy and Pals episode one. Although there is really no mention of Christmas itself, it does include a Jingle Bells tune at the beginning. It is a very wintery toon though.

In this one we see how hopeless Tomothy's life is? Hmm. What a Shame.
Vinnie and Yo make an appearance with a snow ball fight and Ellie has a snow monster war with Tom. The animations also included a previous character, Simon, a friend of Tomothy who is moving away.
If there WAS a timeline for Tomothy and Pals, the comics would be set before...
Peter replaced Simon. You'll notice it was not until 'You Can't Handle the Knowledge' that Vinnie obtained his bubble.

First proper Christmas one, Tomothy and Pals Christmas Ecard. This one really is just a bunch of random stuff, Tomothy gives Ellie a box for Christmas. Yo is sinking in the the snow, and we are introduced to little Tadhg (Who later had a big redesign)

Next up is a short Christmas special  where Tomothy forgets a song so has to make the whole thing up himself. Poor Tom.

Last of the Christmas animated specials is the most.. it made a bit of an impact on the series and the audience.
This short continues on from 'You Can't Handle the Knowledge', a 7 minute Tomothy cartoon. Yo does not make much of an appearance in this one. It was called 'Killed off on Christmas Day'. The story is that, due to Tomothy's lack of personality he is worried he will be cut from his own series. Various Characters are called up and told, if they killed Tomothy they would get their own series.
Jerome rejects them but Ellie follows it up trying her own way of getting rid of her brother.
After a twist we find that Monet, Jerome's bear, shoots Tomothy.
Vinnie's bubble also pops in this one, which shows, plus the death, that I wanted to stop the series.
Looking at my love for the comics now, I don't like how this animation breaks that wall, where Tom knows its an animation.

But all is well! 4 years later Tomothy is back and wearing a bib at Christmas Dinner. Here's to 4 years more of living Tomothy!
(Below) Yo and Vinnie
(Below) Dad, Mum, Tomothy, Tadhg, Jerome, Ellie, Yo and Vinnie 2012
Read all comics at http://nathanviney.com/tomothycomic.html

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