Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Sims 2: The final expansion

Today big news was released on Gamespot. The final expansion to the Sims 2 PC series continuing its long run from University, Business, the rest and Free Time.

Jeff Kingson reported.
"This final sequel will include everything our 'gamers' have been looking for in the game (Like filling in the gaps). We have had our employee's look around fan sites, forums and blogs. We wanted to make this final one special. One to end the Sims 2 sales so we can work on bigger and better projects like The Sims 3. The 'working' title of the game is. The Sims 2: Living an' Breathing. The original title was The Sims 2: Walking. Now from the beginning of the new generation your Sims have been able to walk, run and skip to different places. But it was highly asked for that your characters could 'jog' and 'hop'. So we decided to make a whole expansion around it. With hundreds of new features on a one disc pack The Sims 2: Living an' Breathing is what our gamers have been asking for for years.

Feature Pack (What the game includes):
Now your Sims can do what you've all dreamed of. Hop and Jog. Now listen to this, we've had 'Residential Lots' and 'Community Lots' but this final expansion brings you a new scene, 'Walking Lots'.

Walking Lots include a whole 'Walking' Dojo to perform your hopping, skipping and jogging to other Sims. If they enjoy the entertainment they will place a small amount of Simoleons into your tip jar.
The Walking Lots also include a new set of shoes you can choose (Another "must have object" said the forum goers.)
If your walking causes too much chaos with the NPC locals you may get a call from the police so watch out.

The pack dosent just include these exciting features but two more! We've brought back 'Footsie' in connection with our main theme. And a new object for toddlers when learning to walk. It's a 'How to walk" Novel, once the toddler learns the skill of 'reading' they will be able to walk in no time. This makes it easier both for the family and gamer.

When writing down ideas for the game and researching the fans comments we found out that the gamers want 'More control' over their characters.
So for this final expansion we disabled the blinking and breathing animations so make sure you can give your Sims a regular blink or breath of fresh air or their eyes may water or they will die.
With this amazing control you can now move your Sims arms and legs into wacky places. For example, with our new technology if you hold your mouse over an arm it comes off and starts spinning in circles over their heads. Another feature is when walking sometimes, if you're lucky their bodies will float into the ground and you'll lose that Sim forever unless you quit without saving.

The Sims 2 Living an' Breathing with be literally "A breath of fresh air."
Ive basically gone through most of the features and i bet ive left you wanting even more.
Well lucky you, you may have seen the screen-shots and i hope they've excited you.
In between LaB and The Sims 3 we will be releasing The Sims 2 Living an' Breathing expansion pack. At $34.95 this mini pack includes three amazing new chair designs and a new set of shoes to add to your Walking sensation.
I hope you enjoyed the presentation and are gasping for more."

- The Daily Crumb exclusive
& Gamespot (
Jeff Kingson)


  1. this expansion pack SUCKS! Wat were these ppl thinking?? An expansion pack on wailking! how lame! this is truely disapointing! how could EA and The Sims 2 developers do this 2 us! I am really hopeing that is is a joke or some sort of fake article!

  2. JesusMcFly1:38 PM

    breckenridge067~ i thouught it was extremley easy to see it was fake, this article was obviously just written for fun, i thought i was quite funny.

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  4. I needed a good laugh

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    Looks Fake

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  8. Alina7:56 AM

    My gosh, I can't believe my best friend thought this was real, when she gave me the link =)) like, for real, do you think they'd put just these in an EP?! =))