Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 days till Christmas

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Got your Chrissy decorations up?
At the Studio of Christmas, Victor Parody has been decorating the hall up. "I will be dressing up as Santa. I have set up a colourful turn table for the children. I will be called DJ Christmas. This is going to be so exciting for the children. We'll light up the Christmas tree and shine the ball balls. We've even dressed up a giant 'Easter Bunny' man which we'll take to the rifle range. A little exhibition for the children, we'll shoot the Rabbit man and shout, "ITS CHRISTMAS BUNNY!" And then we'll all go in for afternoon snacks. My wife is helping out with that. Have you met the wife?"
"Hi, I'm The Wife. I'm married to Victor. I'll be making the spaghetti sandwiches for the kids. Oh wait, come over here and meet Tony. He's our son, he's going to be the rabbit."
"What do you want?"
Us at the Daily Crumb will return on Christmas Day to see how Victor and his crew are doing.

Crowley Studios new Clay animation

- The Daily Crumb

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