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Crumb Radio 17/12/2000

Today in the news BIG NEWS.
The official broadcaster of "Spit and Farts" The new BBC comedy died in a fatal accident involving a truck and a very tall building. Someone was being clumsy and dropped their truck out the window. The truck crushed the man.
What am i saying? The official broadcaster is the BBC. So the BBC is dead. The award winning TV series Spit and Farts is moving to ITV1 in a shorter segment in between Emmerdale and Coronation Street. "We've done this to trick people into watching more soap operas. People will want to watch their old BBC show and may get their too early catching the end of Emmerdale, and if the TV is left on they may find themselves watching Corrie. In the end they will get attached to the characters and watch them everyday. Then we can take Spit and Farts off the air forever. Thats our plan anyway, please do not quote me."
- Mick Falcon (Co- Op of ITV)
Mike went to the BBC's funeral.
"Dont get me wrong, he was a nice guy in person. But when he died so many people lost their jobs and then came and annoyed me for new jobs. No one could forgive him for that." Mick then spat and farted on the grave.

Jennifer Coles, The producer of Spit and Farts (Lost her job after the death spoke) "A little bit heartless yes. Go and leave us like that to clean up the mess, DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG THE BBC WAS? Thats alot of lies crushed under one truck. How many people we had to explain nicely that their jobs had been shot at. You should have seen Noel Fielding, he's in jail now for choking an editor."

"I'm making a new film titled, "All about Ben B Cornershop Charles (The original BBC founder). It goes through his life of being a young match box salesmen. How he scammed people with empty boxes and then set their houses on fire with the matches. And then tried to steal their money but got burnt in the process. He sure should have thought that one through better."
Gina Writer (An Author)
"Its going to be in black and white and going to be shown on BBC tw.... oh... i guess ill have to start calling up other broadcasters ay."
Gina laughed
"I did not, why did you write that?"
Gina stabbed a pencil into her eye.
"Good idea."
Gina was later sent to hospital. People are saying the Daily Crumb stabbed her, we are going to trial in a weeks time. What a shame.
We wont be attending.
Because its Christmas then.

I hope we've updated you enough with the news today.
Now onto MUSIC:
Mr Bindy was a huge star in the early 90's and continued to rock until he was fired from Munchmedia (Former title of the Daily Crumb) We were under old management and we regret this. But recently Mr Bindy was bought by Dreamworks to produce film soundtracks and on going records until his ears fall off. Here is a interview and some clips from his old tunes from 2000 on The Daily Crumb Radio.

- The Daily Crumb

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