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Crumb radio 19/12/2000

Today in the news we will be interviewing
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Also in the news a fisherman was arrested today for knifing a man on the street. Which street you ask so you can go there and act out what happened? You people are insane, maybe ill just give you his address so you can go and burn his house down huh?
It's 31 Garmond Ave SL. I'm supplying pitchforks and matches but you have to bring your own snacks along with you.
Although the fisherman is in jail at the moment in a few years he'll find a surprise when his house is a pile of ash.
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Today on
Crumb RadioMr Bindy continues his comeback releasing 3 new singles. Unfortunately NONE of them got to number one.
The Titles are:
1. Tucked in too
2. Art and Oranges
3. You're my Realm

I guess people are literally getting tired of Bindys tunes. It's a shame when hes a literal genius. We contacted Dreamworks today.
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"Hey we're only paying for one album. If this 'one' sells well then we'll consider letting him produce another."
Crumb: "But don't you think im releasing every song of the new album is a bit stupid, no one will buy the album if they've heard all of the songs."
"They might, they might not. Its his choice, not ours. Just have to see what outcome is."
- Dreamworks

°:•:° °:•.
1. Tucked in too
No one needs you, you are a lost cause. you are a lost cause
You're tucked away like something else. All out of sight
You're tucked away unlike anyone else. Blocked from the light

2. Oranges
Oranges! They are annoying, why i like the colour ill never know
but oranges i just cant work properly. They are always like EXPLODE here
and EXPLODE there. Exploding out of the window and into the front window
of the car behind causing quite a crash. Not too good.
Orange, are hell. i think ive given evidence of that.
(Oranges Oranges Oranges)
What is that, thats not even singing?
Some people call it Art

3. You're my Realm
You have never left my side, besides when jobs go
and im outside.
But otherwise that, you glare but scratch
You sparkle and stream unlike the original set
You're always there, as a piece of art
While the drunken swines just play darts

You're my Realm
You're my Film
You're my Realm
You are my Film

While the drunked swines just play darts
Most computers run, compatible with the future
Then in the side of the room, a rectanglar scar
You're my Realm, you're my VCR
Action, Comedy, Romance, Musicial.
All on my DVD
Whether its animated or live action
You're always there for me.

° °:•

- The Daily Crumb

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