Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crumb Radio 18/12/2000

Today in the news a farmer stole a great boulder from an ancient area. The police were at the scene. "So you were clearly aware that the boulder was not your property?"
"Take him away"

The farmer only wanted the rock for bread and water to feed his family. Looks like his wife and 19 children will have empty plates tonight.

Mr Bindy has returned today with FIVE new singles, all going to number one in the charts.
1. Fatal
2. The Banana Song
3. Blinded
4. The Merry Christmas Song
5. Hoolahoop.

Everything is on the up for Mr Bindy as he, combined with Dreamworks Pictures are producing this new album.
Look forward to hearing from you more Mr Bindy.
Onto other music news. A man who worked with Mr Bindy on the first Album "Mr Bindy 'and friends'", Mr Smith has teamed up with vocal artist, Mr Eloise to produce a spin off album. Titled, "Mr and It"
"One song is done, its basically a recording of me singing in the shower, so what Mr Bindy was bought by Dreamworks, Dreamworks suck anyway!"
- Mr Smith

(Clip from RADIO, All 5 new singles)

Mr Bindy 2007 lyrics chat:

Brackenwood a planet, a full green planet
Home of Wee, bongbing and Lemonee the badger
But all in all whos the little cricket foul mouthed princess?
It'sBitey, playing the bagpipes on the top of the globe tree
Cant you see it? Bitey being mean to me. being mean to you.
Total Overkill

2. The banana song
Oh it, Oh it
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Banana Banana .......

3. Blinded
(Blind Blind Blind Blind)
This is all im going through
I don't understand it, do you?
What is it? Why can i see?
I don't know, you tell me.
Why the hell am i talking to my self?
Go to market and buy a shelf
This is all im going through
(Blind Blind Blind Blind)

4. Merry Christmas Song
Heres a story about Christmas
A long long time ago
There was a man eating some hay
And he came across a needle (That was the first piercing)
He screamed and cried, his tongue bled
Red puddles along the stable
Did he cry? Yes
And did he sigh? Of course
And now we found him dead
Oh Merry Christmas

5. Hoolahoop

6. The Pig Song
Oh i think theres a creature in the backyard
and i think its really pink.
But im not sure
Because im colour blind
I was born like this you pig

- The Daily Crumb

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