Friday, May 04, 2007

Our comedian stands proud

Today in the news Arancabite.
Yes thats right the UK have hit election time.

Tony Blair spoke to the Daily Crumb.
"There is no way i could win this battle, i'm fine with it though. I've been in office long enough already now. I always have my stand up comedian job to fall back on."
"Well, us at the Daily Crumb want you to win, you've got big ears. And our monkeys like that in a PM. We're suggesting maybe not one of you can win it, maybe TWO of you."
So we shoved old Blair into our custom home made CLONE MACHINE.

Theres no way he can lose now!

Sorted. Elections over
Now its time for some lemon flavored cake with
The Daily Crumbs Skype Sketch 2 with once again guest star Adam Phillips

Click for larger version.
I think we've found our

Adam Phillips:
Work by Adam Phillips with toilet humour:
Night Shift:

"A little accident..."
Prowlies at the River:

"Bingbong pee's in the river in which Bitey is swimming"
Green Cat: Mong

"Fire power"
Weight Lifter:

"He's got a whole new weight now"

"Washed away."
Stage Fright:

"Is that part of the performance?"

"Nothing like a bowl of Snart Exhaust!"

"A bloody mess"

Adam Phillips spoke to the Daily Crumb:
"The vampire one WAS actually based on a personal experience."
"And will there be any toilet humour in the future of Mr. P Animation studios?"
"Well the Brackenwood MOVIE is based on one giant toilet humour based joke. See what happens is Bitey is down by the river, and he farts. And Bitey has a powerful fart, how else do you think he moved so fast in Yu Yu, anyway he.............."
Matthew Menhenicks version of THE SWEENY

- Nathan (munch) Viney

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